Message From the Board of Directors

İstanbul New Airport which will be opened to service in October 29th, 2018 which is the 95th Anniversary of our Republic will represent Turkey with its commercial and tourist potential in a manner worthily Turkish people. İstanbul New Airport, which has already been awarded for its design and value-creating projects before its opening, will write in golden letters to the history of aviation as "the world's largest airport built from nothing."

Turkey aims to take its place among the leading countries in the world with breakthroughs performed in the aviation sector, as İGA, we take pride in undertaking construction and operation of the largest “Build-Operate-Transfer” project of the history of the Republic of Turkey.

İstanbul New Airport which we will manage its operation with global vision for 25 years will host 200 million passengers and become the meeting point of 5 continents where the east and the west meet when all phases are completed.  It will be a center where flights will take place in 300 different destinations.  

In this route targeting being center of the World Aviation the shift to the Asia-Pacific region in trade will also strengthen the İstanbul New Airport's cargo transportation. With the new airport in İstanbul, Turkey is not only passenger transport but also become a point of attraction in trade.

İstanbul New Airport will distinguish from many build-operate-transfer projects with added value to the Turkish economy. With the completion of all phases in 2025, the employment to be provided directly and indirectly by the project will reach to 225 thousand people and the household income will reach to 4.4 billion dollars.

We present İstanbul New Airport which will be a new center of international aviation with providing added values to the economy of Turkey, technological infrastructure and innovations brought to the passenger experience to both Turkey and the world.

Board of Directors